About This Blog

I have the good fortune and time to read articles, books and watch videos of choice. So far I have shares some of this material with family and friends by email. With this email I am expanding this sharing with “world-at-large” and discontinue email sharing. It will at least prevent my cluttering the in-boxes my friends and family members.:)

I encourage visitors of this blog to comment on my posts and, where appropriate, provide links to other related material. I do want you to note the following.

  1. Except for “indecent”, racial, and/or foul language I will not edit these comments.
  2. I will use broad categories such as, social, science, technology, political, spiritual, photos, etc. to classify my posts. This will helpĀ searching for related posts at this site.
  3. I you like my posts, I have a “follow” button that you can use to receive an email when I have a new post.

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