“We all bleed when we lose an American life.”

Title of this post is a quote by President Obama in an article I saw a few minutes ago. I share the overall sentiment he expressed but I am disturbed by his need to limit this bleeding just for American Lives.:(

I believe the violence around us is not going to decrease until “we all bleed for any loss of life”. This may remain my dream and my unrealized wish when even our President cannot bring himself to consider all lives equally valuable. Indeed a sad day and a sad reflection of the society today.


One thought on ““We all bleed when we lose an American life.”

  1. The following comments by Sri Easwaran and the quote he has used well convey the direction and kind of progress we all and our President need to make should we desire peace around us.
    APRIL 25

    I have joined my heart to thee: all that exists art thou. O Lord, beloved of my heart, thou art the home of all; where indeed is the heart in which thou dost not dwell?

    – JAFAR

    Loving someone does not mean automatically acquiescing to their every whim. Sometimes love shows itself in saying no to an attitude or desire that is harmful. But your opposing must be done tenderly, without anger or condescension. This is a difficult art.

    Go slowly. Remember that it is better not to react in the heat of the moment. Whenever time allows, don’t respond immediately. Speak and act when you can do so with patience and kindness. Remember, too, that the very best way to change someone is to embody that change with your own example.

    Great lovers of God, like Teresa of Avila or Mahatma Gandhi, see the Lord in the heart of every person around them. This is the vision that enables them to treat others with love and respect even in the heat of opposition. It may take time, but no one is immune to this kind of love.

    The Thought for the Day is today’s entry from Eknath Easwaran’s Words to Live By.

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