Our Choices in Life

In every action, words, and thoughts each person has to make a choice between two options. In his “Thought for the Day”, Sri Easwaran describes what these two fundamental options are. He points out that we have the freedom and necessity to choose, and that we have to pick one or the other option. The option we choose determines either we get a short term happiness or, happiness that lasts which may initially bring “pain”.

I have posted his comments below.



Use the light.
Come home to your true nature.
Don’t cause yourself injury:
This is known as seizing the truth.


As human beings, we have been born with the capacity to make choices. No other creature has this capacity, and no human being can avoid this responsibility. Every day, whether we see it or not, we have a choice of two alternatives in what we do, say, and think.

These alternatives are: what is pleasant and what is beneficial. The first pleases us now. The second may be unpleasant at the beginning, as anyone who has begun a physical fitness program knows; but it will improve our health and contribute to our peace of mind.

Both choices promise satisfaction. One we get immediately, but it comes and goes; the other requires effort, but its benefits stay with us and often benefit those around us as well.

The Thought for the Day is today’s entry from Eknath Easwaran’s Words to Live By.

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