An uplifting video presentation

These days, sadly, one rarely gets an opportunity to read/listen/watch an item that is uplifting. No. I am no using this word “uplifting” carelessly here. This TED presentation by a doctor, if you can spare 20 minutes to watch it, will change the way you feel about the current state of the world around us and give you some hope and ideas about how you too can contribute for its betterment. I have just accessed the website for his recent initiative,, and plan to spend some time there and learn more about it. Who knows, I may even get some ideas for fruitful use of my time at this site.:)

Use the link below to watch this TED presentation.
P.S. – Note that there is a link titled, “Interactive transcript”, below the video. If you cannot watch the video, use of this transcript will enable you to read the presentation.

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