Losses – Value of Resilience

Every one suffers losses in her/his life. They can be big, death of a dear one, loss of job, etc. or small, missing a flight. loosing a game, etc. The reality for us humans is that if we live then we will have more losses. I received an email today which includes an interview that explains the value of resilience in coping with a losses, and importance of building resilience in ourselves.

Use the following link to listen to this interview. Good news is that if you do not like to listen to an audio, an excellent transcript of the interview is also included. Bad news is that it is 51 minute long. So, do make that time available should you decide to listen to this interview.


I would like to close this post with this one important idea (method of building resilience?) mentioned. It is the value of continually making many small positive things happen compared to waiting for one “big” positive thing. It reminded me of a key lesson from a “performance improvement” class I had taken years ago. Our teacher had frequently stressed that, to help improve performance of subordinate, teammate, partner, etc. one should give at least five “positive feedback” for each negative feedback.


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