Join Me in Wishing Him Luck

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Giant Hogweed Plant

This post is a message to warn you about a dangerous plant (because of its harmful sap) should you find one in your neighborhood. Use the link below to learn more about it and gain ability to recognize one. Good luck.

A Different Giving Story

Every so often one comes across a story about giving/donation /charity that makes us feel good. Here is a story a person (two of them, really) who kicked off an long standing “giving” campaign of a nature previously unheard of. Yes, many of you may have heard about Shri Vinoba Bhave and Gandhiji, but may not be familiar with the details of this donation story.

Use the link below to read an excellent account of this giving campaign that added meaning to the lives of impoverished all over India.

Art of “Just Giving”

Once in a while I get lucky to receive an article, a story, or a piece of information that totally moves me. Today is one of those moment. The email from has an interview/story titled, “The Butter Fly Effect”. The interviewed artist, Milan Rai, describes his life journey; struggles, joy, and his practice of “just giving”.

I find his ongoing practice of just giving (no expectations of any returns),  and the attitude of enjoying ALL of life experiences, both good and challenging, eye-opening. Since my extraction of his message cannot do justice to what you can derive from reading it, I will not try. Do use the link below to read this wonderful interview and feel a sense of inner joy.

Graduation Address by Nipun Mehta

Perhaps you have heard of Nipun Mehta. He recently delivered another graduation address which I find very inspirational and its key message worthy of constant remembering. Yes, some of the thoughts in this address have been previously expressed by him and may not be new. But, that should no way diminish the value of this address as a worthy reminder.

Use the link below to read this graduation speech by Nipun Mehta.


Perils of High Seas Fishing and Hopeful Solution

Just as I was, I guess many of us are unfamiliar with the perils of high seas fishing and details of related economic cost-benefits. This TED presentation provides the necessary insight expertly. For me the amazing part is the win-win nature of solution that can be readily implemented if we and our governments can muster the necessary will and courage. The question “Do we or our governments have that?”. Yes, we can collectively make this happen.

Use the link below to watch this excellent presentation and get informed and involved. We need that for our collective good and that of our children.

Fake News

The title of this post should not be unfamiliar these days. It seems news media/sources seem to work overtime to out do each other and capture our attention. If you are like me, you are turned off and do not bother to look at newspapers, magazines and, TV news broadcasts. I now prefer to scan news items on internet, and selectively spend my time reading those.

In this five minute TED presentation a journalist describes some horrible examples of fake news and offers some suggestions for protecting ourselves from fake news. She also describes a website,, that one can visit to checkout a news item for truthfulness. I was not aware of this site but intend to spend some time there soon.

Use the link below to access her presentation.


Good Sleep – Importance, How to

This interview with a sleep researcher and author of  “Why We Sleep”, provides valuable information on the importance of a good night sleep, health impact of not getting it, and how to get it. It is a bit long but even if you think you are sleeping well, it is worth a read. You will be surprised at the insights the author offers regarding sleep.

Use the link below to access the interview. Have a “good sleep” night.:)

Want some inspiration?

This TED presentation by a 14-year old is bound to inspire anyone who is holding back on acting on his/her “wished for/imagined” activity and goal accomplishment. It is a 6-minute talk and one has to admire the tenacity and accomplishment of this young girl.

So, do you want inspiration? What are you waiting for! Use the link below and get inspired in under 10 minutes.:)