Happy as you are

Wanting to improve oneself is a natural urge within us. So we continue to strive to get better at something or the other. When this leads to comparing self with others, it often leads to unhappiness.

This article at DailyGood.org discusses the “dissatisfied with the way one is” problem, and offers several suggestions one may want to explore and be happy with the way things are.

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Self – love

As I can recall, any mention of self-over that I have encountered had negative  association. It was usually in reference to someone as “s/he only loves her/himself”. This article in DailyGood.0rg email got my attention. The author recommends that we should strive to love ourselves to the fullest. That will enable us to love others more. You may find her reasons for doing that interesting.

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Need Some Inspiration?

Here are some stories about children doing remarkable things to improve the “quality of life” around them. Reading these stories are bound to inspire anyone and provide “can do” motivation.

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Dolphins and Healing

Title of the interview, “What the Dolphin Said” with a therapist in email from DailyGood.org made me sufficiently curious to read it. I was aware of the use of dogs, horses, and other animals for therapeutic treatment. So, the use of dolphins in helping those with disability or other issues was not a big surprise.

I have been spending considerable time over the past few years reading (studying?) Vedic spiritual material. Most of that material is books and audio/video tapes of lectures by Vedic teachers. What I found both surprising and very interesting was the similarity of  the language and ideas expressed by the therapist and these spiritual teachers.

I find it stimulating that regardless of their background the ideas expressed about what is “true, good, and worth cultivating” are the SAME! Changes in time, culture, religion, location, etc. does change what are considered the universal truths.

Use the link below to access this inspiring interview with Judith Simon Prager, PhD. I must caution that it is not short and you will need some time and patience to read all of it.


Remarkable Beings

Here is an article about elephants. I hope reading that will not prompt you to move on to something ‘better’. This is a very touching account of author’s observations about the loving and caring family and social lives of a group of elephants in desert Africa. It has  (I believe it should on everyone who reads it) made on me big enough impact to learn and be a “better’ human being. I fail to see how could it be otherwise!

Use the link below to read the article. I hope you will be ‘moved’ enough to share it with those you love.


How to Keep Faith and Optimism?

Given the non-stop news broadcasts and reporting of “what is wrong” all around us, it is not easy to keep ones faith and optimistic perspectives. DailyGood has an intersting essay by Geneen Marie Haugen that addresses this current condition. The ideas presented in the article answer the question, “How to keep faith and optimism?” quite effectively. A shift in the way we look at the world around us, think about that and react, is within our control and doable.

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Finding Right Livelihood

In my email from DailyGood.org there is this wonderful and thought provoking essay by E.F. Schumacher . For addressing the multitude of socioeconomic problems people are facing world over, to appreciate the importance of the advice and arguments from the essay, one does not have to be a Buddhist. Use the link below to read this article. It would a great delight should we begin to adopt the advice and suggestions in our day-to-day lives and live accordingly.


A Tiger and Bear Fight

Here is a rare video, recently recorded at a National Park in India, of a fight between a smaller bear and a large tiger.  The bravery and tenacity of the smaller bear is impressive. Luckily, for the bear, this fight appears to be a draw.:)

Use the link below to watch the fight video and accompanying article.


The Philosophy of Water

This  short (<10 min) and wonderful TED presentation is based on Ancient Chinese philosophy. It offers water as an ideal model for molding ones life. The speaker has outlined three lessons based on this philosophy, and employed those to reduce stress in his life and enjoy greater success and joy.

Use the link below to watch the presentation.


The Secrets of Happiness

The following compilation of approaches around the world for “creating” happiness was  included in the DailyGood.org email I received today. Some of the approaches described may not be new to some, but the collection is succinctly and beautifully presented. Use the  link below and be happy.