Our Fast Changing World – A Key for Success

I believe no one needs to be told that ALL aspects of life around us are changing and at ever increasing speed. The natural outcome is that one finds that nothing is certain in such a situation. That brings up a key question, “Is there anything one can do” to ensure a happy life in these conditions.

In his last monthly Q&A session, Swami Sarvapriyananda at The Vedanta Society of New York, provides in his answer a method for ensuring happiness in our current times. The question and answer, starting at 58 minute point, in the following video states the current conditions and a solution.



What an Exciting Presentation!!!

I must admit that this TED presentation by the President of the World Bank made me jump. No, not in fear.:)

This just about the most exciting and inspirational presentation I have listened to in a long long time. It is about 20 minute long and I sincerely wish that you will find the time to watch it. My hope is that of the hundred who watch it, there will be ten who may get sufficiently motivated to do something beneficial to the poor among us.

Use the link below to watch this TED presentation.


Losses – Value of Resilience

Every one suffers losses in her/his life. They can be big, death of a dear one, loss of job, etc. or small, missing a flight. loosing a game, etc. The reality for us humans is that if we live then we will have more losses. I received an email today which includes an interview that explains the value of resilience in coping with a losses, and importance of building resilience in ourselves.

Use the following link to listen to this interview. Good news is that if you do not like to listen to an audio, an excellent transcript of the interview is also included. Bad news is that it is 51 minute long. So, do make that time available should you decide to listen to this interview.


I would like to close this post with this one important idea (method of building resilience?) mentioned. It is the value of continually making many small positive things happen compared to waiting for one “big” positive thing. It reminded me of a key lesson from a “performance improvement” class I had taken years ago. Our teacher had frequently stressed that, to help improve performance of subordinate, teammate, partner, etc. one should give at least five “positive feedback” for each negative feedback.

An uplifting video presentation

These days, sadly, one rarely gets an opportunity to read/listen/watch an item that is uplifting. No. I am no using this word “uplifting” carelessly here. This TED presentation by a doctor, if you can spare 20 minutes to watch it, will change the way you feel about the current state of the world around us and give you some hope and ideas about how you too can contribute for its betterment. I have just accessed the website for his recent initiative, http://lastmilehealth.org/CHAcademy/, and plan to spend some time there and learn more about it. Who knows, I may even get some ideas for fruitful use of my time at this site.:)

Use the link below to watch this TED presentation.
P.S. – Note that there is a link titled, “Interactive transcript”, below the video. If you cannot watch the video, use of this transcript will enable you to read the presentation.

How to eradicate Poverty?

Here is an excellent TED presentation that, at least to me, shows an effective and affordable way to eradicate poverty. Yes, ALL of us can afford it, but that requires ALL of us to act on it in a unified way suggested here.

Sadly, it does not appear that each one doing his/her individual best in his/her own way will do the job. That appears to include the charitable donations many among us make to help the poor. That Is doing some good but so far has not proven adequate or durable. 😦

If you are curious, the 15 minutes you will spend watching this video is well worth the time. Use the link below to watch.

Cyber-Age Dangers

If you are not concerned about the dangers we face in this “cyber age”, perhaps this 10-minute video will change your mind. No, you need not unplug your computers/ phones, etc. for protection. You just need to be aware of one critical learning and constantly use that. No expensive software or hardware to purchase or install.:)

Use the link below to watch this TED video presentation.


Will Rosenzweig: Business Lessons from a Quiet Gardener

You need not be a gardener or a business leader to benefit from this article though they too would benefit from this one page article. I think the message applies well to those raising a child [family?] and any one wishing to be a good member of society at large.


Pope – A short lecture worth listening

Here is a short, beautiful, and inspiring TED lecture by the Pope. His message, there are very good English subtitles, is very relevant and much necessary for the world today. I find it amazing and gratifying that whether one is listening to this Pope, Dalai Lama, or reading messages of Vedic sages, the message does not differ!.

Enjoy, share and be good.

Yes. You can Change.

Here is a TED video presentation by a person who changed from a life growing up as criminal going in and out of jails to someone driven to educate and change the lives of those who end up in jails as he did. I think his message is valuable not only to those who end up our jails as he did.

Use the link below to watch the 10-minute video presentation.